Hard work pays off for newly Commissioned 2Lt Snowball

Its with great pleasure to announce the commissioning of 2Lt David Snowball.

2Lt David Snowball successfully commissioned at the weekend and not only that, but he was also awarded the Sword of Honour! This is indeed an honour and a true reflection of his ability, professionalism and dedication.

The OC paid a visit to see David during his field exercise in Sennybridge over a week ago. All the Reserve potential officers had been incorporated into the Regular Commissioning Course’s, second term, final exercise. As a result, the Reserves were working with Officer Cadets (OCdts) who already had two terms (approx 8 months) of extensive and focused military training. It is with great pride that we can report that none of the Reserves dropped out of this hard 7 day exercise.

On this excersise 2Lt David Snowball was selected to be a Platoon Commander for the final attack; the assault into the OBUA environment. This in itself is an excellent achievement and real testament to David’s overall performance.

Speaking to the other Regular OCdts, they saw all the Reserves absolutely on par with themselves and had absolute confidence in the performance of them all, particularly David.


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