Surrey Police Cohesion Day

On Mon 11 May 15, 135 Geographic Squadron hosted the Epsom and Ewell Safer Neighbourhood Team of the Surrey Police.  The aim of the day was to better integrate the team by a series of modules in the morning run by the Police team, followed in the afternoon by team building exercises conducted by personnel from 135 Geo Sqn.  The team building exercises were conducted with the Police attendees broken down into 3 syndicates who then attempted a series of tasks.  Tasks included were a brain teaser, which involved blind folded members of the team being directed across a gridded square completing other tasks on the way, the quickest team with no penalties wins.  A command style team task, consisting of emergency medical supplies for Ebola victims that had to be transported across two gaps, which the plank did not fit, with no member of the team or equipment touching the shark infested custard, quickest team wins.  A vehicle assault course consisting of a Landrover loaded with two bowls of water being driven over various obstacles, the quickest team with the most water left wins.  The afternoon proved to be full of thrills and spills and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  All teams completed all the tasks, the unanimous winners who showed the requisite magnanimity were Team Town.  The Squadron is already looking forward to further opportunities of putting Surrey Police through their paces.



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