CALLING ALL SAPPERS – Spr Alifereki Tabacala 135 Geo Sqn – 42 Engineer Regt.

combine_imagesLast week my home country Fiji was hit by the worst hurricane in the southern hemisphere. As it was shown on BBC news and on social media the damage hurricane Winston has done. Most of the people worst hit by this hurricane lost everything and life is at its worst stage.
The reason for my post is to ask for assistance to help my family and friends back home in Fiji who are suffering and desperate for help at this very moment.

Things that can be useful to them as donations are as follows:
1. Clothing

2. Stationary

3. Footwear

4. Bedding

I’m working with the Fijian boys from the 19th Artillery regiment in Tidworth as they are leading this drive.

I will be setting up a location for all donations at 135 Geo Sqn, Ewell – Army Reserve Centre.

Please contact Spr Tabacala on 020 8393 0981 to arrange any donation drop offs.
Any support to this cause is highly appreciated as my people are in desperate need at this stage.

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