GPS Topographic Survey

135 Geographic Squadron Royal Engineers is the only unit in the Territorial Army (TA) to support 42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic). The Regiment is a Joint Force Command specialist Royal Engineer unit that provides geographic support to all elements of UK Defence; particularly to Army headquarters, formations and units. The Squadron forms the 4th Sub-Unit within the Regiment assisting in delivering this capability.


The Squadron provides a range of capabilities to Defence ranging from raw data collection (including geodetic surveys) and information management; through information exploitation, terrain analysis and visualisation; to geospatial information dissemination (electronically across networks, by bulk reproduction and supply of hard copy mapping, or on a digital media).

Operations and Training

The Squadrons current main effort is support to Op HERRICK in Afghanistan; and provides individual augmentees to reinforce existing embedded geographic personnel on the deployed staffs. In addition the Squadron plays a key role in providing survey teams for tasks within the UK and overseas and is now broadening its output to support wider Defence Intelligence Organisations by providing officers and soldiers with geospatially linked disciplines to support operational requirements and projects.

The Squadron has been involved on operations and on training exercises in Afghanistan, Iraq, Cyprus, Bahrain, Kuwait, Germany, Canada, Kosovo, Italy, Austria and Sierra Leone in recent years.

Geographic Vocational Specialist

The Unit is equipped and trained by the Joint Force Intelligence Group (JFIG) and reinforces their Regular Army counterparts 42 Engineer Regiment (Geo); currently delivering Geographic Information Distribution (GID) and Geodetic Survey capability.

Therefore the Squadron is seeking to recruit Geographic Vocational Specialists.


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