Recruiting Now – Many of the opportunities on offer do not require any prior specialist knowledge – We are looking for personnel who we can train as well as specialists with existing geographic knowledge.

Our Offer
Joining the TA is for anyone interested in adding an extra dimension to their lives and career. 135 Geo Sqn RE is changing its focus and with recent enhancements to the units vehicles and state of the art technical equipment we are actively recruiting men and women to fulfil new roles within the unit. Like all other TA units we are looking for people that want to be soldiers first, but may also want to be part of an organisation with additional intellectual and technical challenges and rewards. This is asking for a considerable commitment, however, the challenges you will meet and overcome will deliver rewards both personally and financially – the Army pays you for the time you put in:

Professional Development – Working as part of a Geographic Squadron will provide you with career and academic opportunities. You will work on operational tasks using state of the art technology systems and processes that you can take back into your civilian employment whilst experiencing an intellectual challenge with the chance to gain recognised qualifications.

Personal Development – We will provide military training where you will learn soldiering, teamwork and leadership, all transferable skills that will enhance your confidence, resilience and self-discipline.

Sports and Adventure Training – As well as military training, the TA also offers the opportunity to take part in a range of adventurous activities. In 2012 members of the Squadron took part in skiing, coasteering, canoeing, rock climbing, hill walking, orienteering, cross country, operational shooting competitions and one member of the Squadron even climbed Island Peak in the Himalayas.

Recruit Vacancies

We are actively looking for committed men and women to serve as Geographic Technicians, who are willing to give up their time to train and operate alongside the Regular Army on exercise and operations as officers and soldiers.
135 Geo Sqn RE also has a small number of vacancies for Military Clerks, Drivers and Ex-Regulars or personnel from other TA units with Military Instructional qualifications. These posts support the delivery of the unit’s outputs and are a critical part of the team.

Enlistment Requirements

Officers – 18 to 35 years of age.

Officer applicants must be either a British Citizen, a British subject under the Nationality Act (1981), a Citizen of the Irish Republic (but not still living in the Irish Republic) or a Citizen of a Commonwealth country (or holding British Overseas Territories Citizenship) that has resided in the UK for a period of 5 years before entering officer training to be eligible to join the Territorial Army.

Soldiers – Ideally between 18-35 years of age but all applications up to the age of 43 will be considered. (Ex–Regulars may be considered over the age of 43 on a case by case basis).

Soldier applicants must be either a British Citizen, a British subject under the Nationality Act (1981), a British Protected Person, a Citizen of the Irish Republic (but not still living in the Irish Republic) or a Citizen of a Commonwealth country (or holding British Overseas Territories Citizenship) with periods of residency required for certain roles to be eligible to join the Territorial Army.

There are other entry criteria including fitness, driving licence penalty points and criminal convictions which will be discussed at the enquiry stage.

Qualifications Required

Officers – 2 x A Levels at grade E and above (180 UCAS Tariff pts), 7 x GCSEs (35 ALIS pts, these must include English Language, Maths and either a Science or Foreign Language at grade C or above).

Soldiers – No qualifications are specifically required to become a Geographic Technician in the TA as training is provided at the Royal School of Military Survey. However, we are activity seeking professionals with qualifications or experience in the following areas:

• Geographic Information Systems (analysis, research and application development).
• Information Systems Engineering (system network, maintenance and hardware management).
• WEB Services (geospatial data management, dissemination and publication services).
• Surveying (land, geodetic, engineering and building surveyors)
• Other disciplines that have a broad relevance to the delivery of the Squadrons capability including geology, hydrology and geography.

Contacts / Applications

Recruiting Officer – WO2 L Hunt

The Recruiting Officer should be contacted on 020 8393 0981 or via e-mail to: 135ENGRVGEO-SMI@MOD.UK

Please ensure that you include your contact telephone number and email address in any messages. The Recruiting Officer will then contact you to confirm you meet eligibility requirements before an application pack is e-mailed to you and an invitation is given to attend one of the programmed, monthly Open Evenings at Mercator House Territorial Army Centre, Welbeck Close, Ewell, Surrey, KT17 2BG.

Visit our pages on the British Army’s website

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